Multi Modal Transport

Multi Modal Transport

An important bridge in commercial activities today is transport, ATT Logistics understands this and provides services that meet most of the complex requirements of the domestic and international transport market.

Transport service is not only about moving goods but also about connecting the transport process into a complete chain, making transportation faster and safer. Multimodal transport is becoming a popular transportation trend because it can meet many market demands.


Multimodal transport is a method of transporting goods by at least two different modes of transport, based on a multimodal transport contract, a transport document, a liability regime and only one person who is responsible for the goods during transportation from one point in one country to a designated point in another country for delivery.


  • Transportation must have at least 2 modes of transportation.
  • Multimodal Transport Operation (MTO) dealers act as trustors, not as agents of shippers or carriers' agents participating in multimodal transport.
  • The multi-modal transport operator is the person who is responsible for the goods during a transport process from receiving the goods to transporting the goods to the recipient, including the delay in delivery at the destination. Thus, the MTO is responsible for goods under a certain responsibility regime. MTO's liability regime may be a unified liability regime or a liability-based liability regime according to the agreement of both parties.
  • In international multimodal transport, the place to receive goods and deliveries is usually in different countries and goods are usually transported by transport such as containers, trailers, ...

Forms of multimodal transport in the world

  • Sea - Air
  • Road - Air
  • Rail - Road
  • Rail/ Road/ Inland waterway- Sea
  • Land Bridge
  • Some other models

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