ServicesDate: 17-11-2018 by: ATT LOGISTICS


Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) is a term commonly used to denote sea freight forwarding services without bringing its ships into operation. NVOCC provides customers with sea transportation needs with effective solutions at the lowest cost.

ATT Logistics has contracts and deals on preferential rates with many major shipping lines in the world. This allows ATT Logistics to offer competitive rates in both import and export of full container (FCL) and retail (LCL) goods.

We always advise customers who want to transport export goods in selecting the best international shipping routes.

Why are we?

- Provide effective solutions

- A team of dedicated and experienced professionals

- A strong relationship with customs authorities

- Delivery by specified time frame

- Providing competitive solutions and cost savings

The main routes that ATT logistics are: Korea, China, Japan